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Garmeres is an organisation by and for queer Sámi across the borders. Garmeres work for queer Sámi rights, opportunities and visibility in all of Sápmi.

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What's happening in queer Sápmi?

Mii sáhttit dál muitalit, ahte Sápmi Pride 2024 Budejjus, Norgabeal Sámis, dáhpáhuvvá golggotmánus 11.-13.b.! Muitte merket dáhpáhusa beaivemeari kaleandarasat. Lassedieđut bohtet maŋŋeleappos *** We can now reveal the location for Sápmi Pride 2024. It will take place in Bådåddjo/Bodø, 11th-13th of October, on the Norwegian side of the border. Be sure to mark the dates. More information will be coming soon

Last updated 17.07.2024 - 00:00