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Become a member

Anyone who identifies as queer and sámi can become a member of Garmeres. Those who do not identify as queer and sámi can become supporting members.

For Finnish and Swedish side

We are currently looking into how to make it possible for members on the Finnish and Swedish side of Sápmi to join Garmeres, since the association is currently registered on the Norwegian side. Until then, we ask interested members to sign up with this form, so we can reach out to you when it's possible to formally register.

Membership rights

Ordinary members of Garmeres have the right to speak, propose and vote during the yearly meetings. Support members have the right to speak and propose.

Contingent price

  • Ordinary membership: 100 NOK, or however much you can afford to pay
  • Support membership: 200 NOK, or a freely chosen amount

How to register as a member

To become a member, do the following:

  1. Pay the membership contingent using either of the options below. Mark the payment with "membership contingent" and full name
    • By Vipps to Vipps number 601804
    • By bank transfer to account number 4212 57 92582
  2. Fill out the registration form. Click here to open it

By filling out the registration form and paying the membership contingency, you agree that we store your data for up to 2 years after the last paid contingency. For more information, see our privacy policy.