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Pictures of the new board members. From top left to bottom right: Tatjana Kolpus, Jouvnas Bruun Arnesen, Liisa-Ravna Finbog, Levi Sørum, Maria Puenchir and Olav Wiik MoenPhoto: Maya Økland, Ole Morten Eyra, Eirin Torgersen, Rita Sørum, Kristian Smevåg-Olsen and Ina Nyås Moen

Garmeres' new board for 2024

- 09.03.2024

This is Garmeres' new board for 2024! Welcome to the new board members, and thank you to last year's board members for their work.

Board chairman

Tatjana Kolpus

Deputy chairman

Jouvnas Bruun Arnesen

Board members

Liisa-Ravna Finbog
Levi Sørum
Maria Puenchir
Olav Wiik Moland