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Poster announcing the date and time of Sápmi Pride 2021Graphics: Levi Sørum

Sápmi Pride is coming to Ohcejohka!

- 11.07.2021

This year’s Sápmi Pride is going to be held in Ohcejohka municipality from the 5th of August to 8th of August 2021.

Program includes e.g. workshops (to participate into photoshooting project, making plaques, pitch a lávvu with Siidaskuvla), Pride-parade, panel discussion about non-binary and binary gáktis, dreaming session, common conversations e.g. via Sámi Siida Museum Muittát -project, open stage -night, queer-friendly evening mess along with spiritual singing session by wishes and coffee (co-work with Ohcejohka church).

Event place is going to be at Ohcejohka Gieddemielli and the village.

A more detailed timetable will be announced later and some changes might come. We are closely following the current corona restrictions and safer space guidelines (these guidelines are going to be published soon). We want to make the Sápmi Pride event as safe as possible for everyone. We are looking forward to meet you all, fellow sámi queers, allies and other friends and celebrate ourselves together!

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