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Front view of the Sápmi Pride parade, with two people holding a large Sápmi Pride flag in the front.Photo: Kristoffer Myhre Hætta

Sápmi pride in Jiellevárre 2022

- 08.04.2023

11th-14th of August 2022, Sápmi Pride was celebrated as a part of the Sámi Conference in Jiellevárre as a collaboration between Garmeres, Saami Council, Sáminuorra, Suoma Sámi Nuorat and Noereh.


During the official opening of the Sámi Conference on thursday the 11th at 13:00, Garmeres said a few opening words, marking the beginning of Sápmi Pride 2022. The day ended with a queer sámi lávvu hangout at Gällivare Hembygdsområde.

A cardboard sign in the woods saying


Friday morning started with coffee in the Garmeres lávvu. Around 14:00 Garmeres held a speech as a part of the "Empowering Sápmi" programme at the Sámi Conference. The day ended with a sign-making workshop for the pride parade along with Sáminuorra.

A lávvu in the woods with various pride flags attached to its side.


The morning of the pride parade, coffee was served at the Garmeres Lávvu, along with pre-parade sparkles and a Gákti discussion with Anna-Stina Svakko.

The pride parade started at 13:30 from Grand Hotel Lapland, and went on throughout Jellevárre. The parade had attendance both from queer sámi as well as other attendants of the Sámi Conference.

The day ended with an open conversation with Garmeres about our dreams, desires and demands for the future.

Back view of a person wearing Gákti, holding a Pride flag.