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Sápmi pride paradePhoto: Håkon Sandmo Karlsen

Saepmie Pride in Tråante 2019

- 19.05.2021

Saepmie Pride had it's own section of the Trondheim Pride parade, with great attendance showing a colorful diversity of sápmi and kven people.

During the last day of Saepmie Pride 2019, a start-up meeting was held in order to establish an organization for queer sápmi people that would also ensure continuity of sápmi pride events. The organization was named Garmeres, which is the south-sápmi word for "pride".

Pictures from Sapmie Pride in Tråante 2019

The Sápmi Pride section of the Trondheim Pride parade

People walking in the Trondheim Pride parade

Start-up meeting for Garmeres